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This one's for you @elonmusk #16

This one is about Elon. Maybe I'm a bit of a fan boy - but even without that basically positive bias
This one's for you @elonmusk #16
By Helmi • Issue #16 • View online
This one is about Elon. Maybe I’m a bit of a fan boy - but even without that basically positive bias you have to agree that what Elon does is somehow impressive. He just started his next journey by diving into AI and once more it’s really interesting too read & hear what he has to say about it and to watch him doing his things. Go for it, Elon.

Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI
Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free
How Elon Musk and Y Combinator Plan to Stop Computers From Taking Over
The Elon Musk Post Series
Some older stuff about Elon
Elon Musk’s sleight of hand
Elon Musk Receives Product Suggestion On Twitter, Tesla Implements It 6 Days Later
Elon Musk: The World's Raddest Man
Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in some advanced civilization's video game - Vox
Elon Musk’s Wild Ride
SpaceX's Big Fucking Rocket – The Full Story - Wait But Why
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By Helmi

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