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🍀 Shit happens – legalize it #40

🍀 Shit happens – legalize it #40
By Helmi • Issue #40 • View online
It took a while to get #40 out. As I told you before I had been away for a few days visiting other countries. After getting back, I didn’t feel so well and had loads of stuff to do, so here we are a bit late. Sorry for that.
And then you might think “It’s not even Friday, so what’s wrong with you man?”. You’re right, but actually nothing’s wrong. 
This former weekly digest will now move to a “whenever it’s ready” rhythm. The frequency of this email will most likely be a bit lower from now on, and not come on fridays but, well… whenever it’s ready. I did send it out weekly for 39 weeks in a row and am now going to test if it will still work sending it out less regularly. If you’ve got any opinions on that, feel free to let me know. Just hit the reply button.
But now, ‘nuff said. Let’s go…

🇩🇪 Shit happens: Cannabis auf dem Weg zur Legalisierung
80s.NYC - street view of 1980s New York
Brands from your memory
Solar Workshop
This is a nice little workshop powered from Solar Energy only.
Building a Solar Powered Workshop - YouTube
Building a Solar Powered Workshop - YouTube
Artificial intelligence is about the people, not the machines
Elon's Visions
It’s not a secret, that I adore Elon Musk quite a bit. I like his visionary mind and how he moves on to this vision quite aggressively. Here’s just another episode of his visions regarding space and Mars. It’s simply impressive.
Making Life Multiplanetary - YouTube
Making Life Multiplanetary - YouTube
🇩🇪 Elektroauto-Kaufprämie: Zwischenbilanz Oktober 2017
Dropbox Design
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