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My biggest project yet... #1

... not this email curation thing of course but something else that you'll see a bit further down thi
My biggest project yet... #1
By Helmi • Issue #1 • View online
… not this email curation thing of course but something else that you’ll see a bit further down this email.
Nevertheless: This is the first issue of my personal weekly curation 🎉 
I hope you like it. If you do, please help me by sharing it around your friends on social media so I can gather some subscribers. 🙏
My primary concerns for the start of this thing were about how to deal with content in different languages. As I’m german but do speak to quite a lot of english speaking people I wanted to serve both. 
Result? This issue contains links to german and english content. I “flagged” the german ones with an emoji flag and kept the rest in english. Hopefully you can see these emoji in the email client of your choice. Let me know what you think.
Other than that - enjoy. Happy to get your feedback by email (simply hit reply) or Twitter (@helmi)

Apple: Milking the iPhone
Pro Tip on link collection
🇩🇪 Kaum ein Artikel hat in letzter Zeit so viele Reaktionen hervorgerufen wie dieser. Ihn selbst nochmal zu verlinken ist fast unnötig, soll aber nebst einigen sehr interessanten Repliken der Vollständigkeit halber hier geschehen.
🇩🇪 Ursprungsartikel aus

🇩🇪 Interview mit dem Autor beim Zündfunk
Web Development & Design
Manage your Github issues with beauty (macOS)
🇩🇪 Hass, Hass, Hass
🇩🇪 WDR 5: In Schweden ist Bargeld unerwünscht
3D Printing
This is definitely the biggest thing I’ve printed so far. With an overall print time of around 80 hours and some great finishing work from a pro this resulted in an awesome piece of model. What this is you ask? It’s an exhibition dummy of the powerful Jetec Impeller Fans made for model aircrafts from my friends at Migflight. They are powering model sailplanes with up to 25kg of overall weight.
Here are some more views of the model. It’s nearly completely 3D printed (only the acrylic stand, the mounting plate that is screwed to it and the screws are obviously not from the 3d Printer).
The diameter of the "fan" itself is close to 30cm
The diameter of the "fan" itself is close to 30cm
Bye bye 😻
Nothing more to do apart from posting some obvious cat content…
Mimi up close 😼
Mimi up close 😼
That’s it for today, enjoy your weekend, thank you for reading and see you again next week.
Frank aka Helmi
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