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Big things inside (and ahead) #2

So this is the second issue. First of all thanks to all "long term subscribers" 😂 for reading my firs
Big things inside (and ahead) #2
By Helmi • Issue #2 • View online
So this is the second issue. First of all thanks to all “long term subscribers” 😂 for reading my first one last week and thanks for your feedback. And of course a warm WELCOME to all new subscribers. 👋🏼 
This one in contrast is much shorter but some of the topics are way bigger and may take your time. Sorry for that in advance (not sorry). 
Also this issue does have way less german only content. I didn’t get much feedback about the language thing so far so I’m guess you’re good with the way this is done. 🇩🇪
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Artificial Intelligence
The New York Times: The Great A.I. Awakening
It’s probably a tough time to do investigative journalism. Not only because it’s hard to fund it but also because in times of populists and sensational news that popup in minutes it’s really hard to get peoples attention. Also when it comes to tax frauds from rich people quite a big part of people tend to think that “they” trick “us” anyway. That’s why I think it’s even more important to point out a fantastic work of investigative Journalists. #FootballLeaks is lead by the german SPIEGEL and especially by a good friend, Rafael Buschmann (@rafanelli), who had contact with some Whistleblowers from the former Blog only project Footballleaks. But it’s not a german only work and therefore you should be able to get some good reads around that topic no matter what your language is. A big team of journalists from the EIC (European Investigative Colaborations) dug through loads of material for months. 
🇩🇪 Rasenfunk Kurzpass zu #FootballLeaks
Web Design & Development
18 web design trends for 2017
V8 ❤️ Node.js
3D Printing
New technology ahead: NexD1
A Conference Call in Real Life
Exciting things to come
Starting next year (on Feb 1st to be exact) we will start a small new manufacturing business. I can’t tell you too much of it now but rest assure that you will be the first to know. Here’s a small peak into what’s coming. I’m quite excited. 

Sneak Peek Video on Instagram
And again that’s it for today. Thanks for reading down to here - I hope you have a good time and we “see” you again next week 😉
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By Helmi

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