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W̶e̶e̶k̶l̶y̶ Sporadicly curated goodness directly from the Interwebz into your inbox.

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Not so much but important #45

This is a quite short one but the most important part is really at the very beginning of this mail. Apart from that not much to say but to wish you a good time between the years and hope you forgive the very turned down release rhythm of this E-Mail.Have a go…


Netflix for Apps #44

Time to finally fire out another episode of this Newsletter. As you might have guessed things are going to slow down once I let go with the weekly rhythm. I still hope to not let it go completely. So here we are with a collection from the last weeks. Have fun…


Coincidence #43

What a great build project. See how some guys in the UK transform a Tesla Models S into a great Station Wagon Car.


And the answer is... #42

I'm following Anselm Eickhoff quite a while now watching him build his highly ambitioned city builder project that came to an idea right after the big Sim City 2013 fail. Years into the project he switched his programming language for a second time and held a…


It's about Sweden 🇸🇪 #41

TGIF. And time for some link goodness. Not much to say about it, just some random findings from mostly this week. Enjoy!


🍀 Shit happens – legalize it #40

This is a nice little workshop powered from Solar Energy only.


Warren Buffet #39

This week's issue is a bit smaller and there may be none or also a small one next week due to some time off. Hope you're still having fun with it. Cheers.


Random linkness #38


Kunterbunt #37


The Secret to Fun 😳 #36


Chinese Manufacturing #35

Hey there. I'm still busy with our newly launched project wphelp.de which you probably have already seen. If not I would be happy if you follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook, German only, sorry). Luckily I still found some time over the week to col…


The future is now #34

It looks like we're seeing some radical changes in the near future that might even outpace the speed of changes we saw during the last century. Blockchain technology is more and more influencing the finance sector, car industry is seeing radical changes and w…


Launch day ahead #33

Bereits seit einiger Zeit gibt es unseren kostenlosen E-Mail-Kurs zu Google & Wordpress (und es gibt ihn weiterhin). Nun starten wir mit der Website von wphelp.de und setzen damit unseren Kurs fort, Einsteigern und technisch wenig versierten Menschen beim…


Yet another link mix #32

Another random style issue. This week was busy again but I managed to collect some links early on so this can go out in time. I'm gonna head to Munich later today for a nation wide football enthusiasts meet up called #tkschland. Quite looking forward to it. S…


🎁 Back on track with a small present #31

Finally, an issue that got a bit more love than the last two ones. As a small compensation take this coupon from the first link and start some shopping 💸😋And now let's dive into it.


Dirty #30

It's a bit sad that this nice issue number again has to be another short one. The weeks was busy and my head was focused on some other important stuff so here's just a quick one again. Let's make it 3 for #30. 


Last Minute #29

That's it for this week. Have a good one and see you again next Friday.


Drone more thing #28

We had some guests last week and went down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The weather wasn't the best this time and it was just a bit too windy for big drone action but I managed to get a decent shot of the Olympic ski jumping area from the far. Thought I'd share…


Mixed Links #27

Hey there – I hope you're doing great. Summer is getting hotter these days in Germany and the week was filled with garden work so far. Additionally, we will have guests over the weekend so not much time to put together this email. This time it's about a diffe…


You better two factor 🕵🏻 #26

After last weeks issue I got some questions about why and what drone and such things. Here's just a quick rundown. I did start flying model airplanes some years ago and therefore have some background on that. Flying cameras up there is something that fascinat…